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Tiny tiny update

I've been quite busy with the cozyuni frontpage. But i fixed a little buggy: * the hints in the hint section below most pages in the dashboard still contained references to ChartBull, fixed this. Nothing more, nothing less.

date18-01-2019 19:26

Updating on Sunday

It was a lot of work but ChartBison is fully working again. * pick color now shows hex code. * added references to our twitter and facebook pages. * the thumbnail of the chart in the chart list now correctly refreshes every time you change a chart. *[...]

date13-01-2019 10:06

Fine tuning

Yesterday and this morning i did a lot of fine tuning. It appears that the upgrade of used libraries caused major problems. * Many fixed to the drawing on charts (duplication of symbol doesn't yet work) * PayPal functionality fixed, it is still using[...]

date11-01-2019 13:14
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