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Another tiny update

I've just uploaded an update to the ChartBison project, this update includes: * added favicon to front page and dashboard. * fixed the news on the front page.

19-03-2019 14:02
Tiny tiny update

I've been quite busy with the cozyuni frontpage. But i fixed a little buggy: * the hints in the hint section below most pages in the dashboard still contained references to ChartBull, fixed this. Nothing more, nothing less.

18-01-2019 19:25
RE: Only a few points

* color of duplicated symbol is now also saved. * the subscription feature is now using my paypal account instead of the sandbox. ( [edit] and tested )

14-01-2019 17:03
Only a few points

Today's update only contains a few small fixes: * duplicating a symbol now also copies the color. * changed the facebook url It is good news that the amount of fixes decrease. This usually means that the project is ready for the big public.

14-01-2019 12:18
RE: Anonymous chart


13-01-2019 10:10
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